Element 1 – Revisiting your professional identity (blog entry)

Throughout this semester my personal identify has changed a fair amount. As a lot of my practicums have not been orientated around my Information Technology Systems area, this course has given me a greater insight of what is to expect. For example, I have not had the opportunity to be exposed to content such as assignments and units of work. With these additional resources I have become more confident with what I do know and areas on which I need to improve on.

It’s through the content in this course has make me think more laterally on how to approach elements such as workplace health and safety and computer safety within a classroom which was assessment in Element 4 in the first assignment. While I felt a lot of this content was implied for students to know, it wasn’t until then that made me stop and consider how these elements could be incorporated into the foundation weeks of my teaching.

Having access to provided professional resources such as IPT Online have been a huge benefit on building my knowledge on Coding which at this current stage is not one of my strongest points within ITS. Along with completing a few units in any free time I have, I have also signed up to other educational tools including Codecademy where I have almost completed the JavaScript unit, from which I will then complete the HTML and CSS unit. As time progresses I would be interesting in completing further professional development through a TAFE to expand my knowledge.

Within my other subjects at university I have been aiming to remove myself out of my comfort zone to write lesson plans and unit plans which evolve the ITS subject. In past years I have completed these types of plans on my other teaching area (Graphic) which is my strongest subject of the two. While some of these created plans might not be practical in all schools, it does however provide me to be more familiar with the ITS Syllabus document and supporting documents which can be found on the QCAA website.

One of the most effective and though provoking activities completed within this course was the content within week three where I created a graph on the steady incline of student participation within IPT. While this subject doesn’t in most degrees have much of a relation with ITS, it did however change my thinking on how to keep course content exciting and relevant. As noted in Morgan’s graph of ITS there has been a decline of female students from the year 2010. While I’m not too sure on why this change has occurred, it has made me think how I could “sell” the unit more to females and make them more interested in these computing students. Trends like these are not only isolated to ITS but also Graphics where a majority of the senior classes are male.

Element 1 – Revisiting your professional identity (blog entry)

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